Acorn Cookies

I saw some amazing cookies by Dimitrana. Her recipe lost some critical elements in translation-I can work with grams of flour and such, and I'm guessing vaneliva sugar is vanilla sugar, but I haven't been able to find out how much 1 p. or C. or c. is. I'll need to do some experimenting to recreate it. (Speaking of lost in translation, for a giggle try reading the comments on her page).

I found a cookie recipe by Martha Stewart, and just rolled the dough out in small acorn shaped balls. I didn't press it down at all. This recipe makes a pitiful amount-one plateful of cookies, so if you have a family like mine, you'd need to quadruple it or more. The dough held it's shape so well that it was too round to put two halves together with jam. I went ahead and melted a bit of chocolate in the microwave, dipped the ends of the cookies in the chocolate and rolled them in some finely ground walnuts.

I like the idea of acorn cookies, and intend to try this again with a different dough, peanut butter dough would be good with chocolate holding halves together, or a sugar cookie dough with apricot jam...hmmm. I think I'm hungry.


  1. So cute! I found some other acorn cookies here
    Thinking of making various kinds of acorn cookies to plate up and take to neighbors for their "winter's stash". :)

  2. I have a little acorn cookie cutter-I like the winter stash idea! I even have a squirrel cutter.

  3. O.k. I was inspired by your post and got baking. Here's my winter's stash collection: