A Good Idea

Little Buddy is starting to crawl around, and I've been one step ahead of him getting things childproofed. We needed somewhere to charge the phones, camera batteries, I-pod, etc. and the outlet we usually use is easy for baby to get to. I saw this idea on a crafting blog (when I find it again I'll post a link), their basket was fancier, and used a big rivet in the back for the power cord to leave the basket.

I found a basket with a lid, put a power strip inside, and ran the cord out of it. It probably would be a better idea to find a metal basket, I'm not sure how much of a fire hazard this would be, though baskets seem to be a common solution to the spaghetti of cords people accumulate trying to keep their gadgets powered. It seems to be working for now-though who knows how long until lil' buddy figures out the lid opens. It obviously will need to be moved soon.

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