Gifts for Baby Boy

I get a new nephew soon, and yes, the gifts are for him, but they mostly make the new mommy's life easier! I sewed a matching cover for a nursing pillow, nursing cover, burp cloths and pee-pee tee-pees.

(Tutorial for the tee-pee's here).

The pony on the nursing pillow turned out a little shaggy but I loved how soft the fabric is. When my little buddy was born I made a cover that was half denim and half fleece and I love it! The pattern for the pillow cover that came with the pillow form had a zipper opening at the top. After making two using this pattern, I decided I liked the version that has a velcro opening at the center instead, because it is MUCH easier to get the pillow back in. If I use the zipper again, I'll use a much longer zipper than the pattern calls for.

Another thing I added on was a handle at the top. One of mine is getting a little frayed at the top because I grab it there all the time to move it around.

The nursing cover is made from 1 1/2 yards of shirt-weight denim cut to 30" wide. That makes an extra big nursing cover. I like them big so you can nurse in public without worrying much about wind, or little hands lifting up the cover. It has a boning center so you can see the baby, and an adjustable neck loop. A washcloth is sewn into the corner so the extra half of the washcloth can be tucked in or pulled out in a hurry.

The burp rags are just two pieces of flannel serged together, because you can't have too many of these.

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