Pee-pee Tee-pees

When I first heard about these, I about fell on the floor laughing, but they really do help-if you are fast enough or get in the habit of using them each time. If you've ever diapered a baby boy, you are probably aware that you run the risk of sudden showers. You simply cover the danger zone with one of these until the clean diaper is ready, and it prevents surprises. You still need to clean up the puddle, but at least you aren't wiping down the wall (or hair and picture frame and mobile...).

They are so easy to make too:

Take one washcloth, fold it in fourths and cut a circle through all four layers. A CD is a good size for a guide.

Using the cut washcloth as a guide and cut out four circles of flannel, then cut all of the circles in half.

You can either sew and turn in the seams, or serge these like I did. First serge one layer of flannel to one layer of washcloth along the curved side.

Then fold it in half so the flannel is inside and serge along the straight edge. Clip the threads and turn it so the washcloth is on the inside-and you are done!

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